The blender artists make art for a cause.

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Artists from the blender made their way down to Federation Square today to compete in an art prize and raise money and food for the homeless in Melbourne. Michael Peck, Regan Tamanui, Adrian Doyle, Joseph Flynn, Ero and Drew Funk formed a team to compete against 30 artists from 11  Melbourne studios. Each Studio was given 1 hour to create an exquisite corpse painting, an artwork composed of three sections each made by a different artist. Although the blender crew, in true fashion, arrived late and unprepared we managed to pull it together to create the winning artwork! A combined stencil and ink painting created by Regan Tamanui, Michael Peck and Adrian Doyle was awarded first prize.


The Blender crew at work.



The winning artwork by Regan Tamanui, Michael Peck and Adrian Doyle.  Poet Matt Lawry puts the final touches to the artwork by writing his prose into the shadows of Michael Pecks ink drawing.

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