The 2009 Gertrude St Projection Festival

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We took the kids along to see the projections on Gertrude street in Fitzroy tonight. In most cases the projections where fairly uninspired and we were a little disappointed, however, the collaborative piece by Artist Yandell Walton and animator Tobias J was captivating. Their work utilised the natural shadows in the space beautifully. By placing and morphing animated trees and creatures  into the environment the two artists perfectly adressed the festival’s theme of dreams and illusion. I’d love to see the response of some poor guy stumbling back from the pub at two in the morning when he’s  confronted by a tree which suddenly transforms into a 6 metre monster with a crocodile head and squid tentacles!

imgp72282 imgp72422


Night walkers by Yandell Walton and animator Tobias J.

imgp7252 imgp7254

If an artwork can capture a two and a half year old boys attention for longer than 10 seconds the artist is definitely onto a good thing!

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