Mailbox 141 Exhibition Opening.

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LINE (drawing) – MAILBOX 141

15 DECEMBER 2009 – 22 JANUARY 2010

Jan Berg

Fergus Binns

Starlie Geikie

Nathan Gray

Christopher LG Hill

Angela Leech

Brandt McCook

Annee Miron

Claire Mooney

Michael Peck

Vin Ryan

Elissa Sadgrove

Lynette Smith

Elke Varga

Irene Wellm

Stephen Wickham

Sixteen artists working in one mailbox each

were sent a card with a horizontal line marked in white ink

are asked to respond to the line as a material beginning

and to the idea of a continuous articulated line across the boxes.
For more information please contact curator 0408 110 109
Thanks to the exhibiting artists and their representing galleries – Uplands, Place, Metro,

Catherine Asquith & Stephen McLaughlan Gallery.

MAILBOX 141. Entrance, 141 - 143 Flinders Lane Melbourne.

Mon/Fri 7am-7pm Sat 12-6pm

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