Michael Peck

“A creator of quietly contemplative works, Michael Peck’s tranquil and atmospheric landscapes offer an enchanting escape for the viewer. There is a timeless quality to Peck’s work. In the finely detailed rendering of human figures, delicate birds, running streams, secluded woodlands and soaring mountains, the viewer feels that time has frozen, forever captured in this fleeting moment. It is this sense of suspension in Peck’s art, of balance between the real and not real, that is so captivating”.

Extract From the Essay Sanctuary by Maggie Watson, 2014.

“Michael Peck’s strangely luminescent landscapes recall old sepia-tone photographs. The focus is caught on strange moments, the blur of the trees at times hinting at fog or smoke as the figure looks warily into the distance. A different kind of narrative is unveiled in Peck’s world, one that shares a strange aesthetic with moments from Alfred Hitchcock’s films merged with hints of the surrealism of David Lynch. The monochromatic palette, the strong impression of a cinematic still, a sense of pause”.

Extract from the essay Silent Poetry By Ashley Crawford, 2013.